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Manor residents, please notice that the City is proposing expanding the Crown Hill Urban Village into parts of Olympic Manor.

Consider that:
For single family areas located within the current urban village boundary, DPD is considering policy changes that would treat single family areas within urban villages differently than single family are as outside urban villages. Changes would make it easier to build other types of housing in these areas.

The potential village expansion area, shown with a dashed line on the map above, is a generalized boundary based on a 10-minute walk to frequent transit (a light rail station or two or more bus lines serving multiple destinations). DPD is studying this area to develop a proposed urban village boundary.

What this means is that DPD and city council could change the boundaries to include single family homes, then say because those homes are in the urban village, different rules apply, meaning more density, different types of lot coverage, relaxing owner occupancy rules, etc. While the covenants are in place in most of those areas, it will create additional confusion regarding what is allowed and not in Olympic Manor, and will affect areas around us.

DPD is currently seeking community feedback on these concepts. There will be additional opportunities for community feedback as work progresses.

Comments can be submitted at:

Landscape or Building changes in your future?

Please contact the chair of the Building and Landscape Committee if you are planning:
  • major landscape changes
  • solar panels
  • fencing
  • building modifications
or contact the chairman, Steve Brown via email at

OMCC Board

President - Joe Wert
Vice President - Catherine Weatbrook
Secretary - vacant
Treasurer - Brian Endter
Trustee - Steve Brown  (serving 2 yr term ending 12/2015)
Trustee - Todd Wathey (serving 2 yr term ending 12/2015)
Trustee - Renata Steiner (serving 2 yr term ending 12/2016)
Trustee - Jeff Menday (serving 2 yr term ending 12/2016)

Building and Landscape Committee

Joe Wert
Steve Brown  
Todd Wathey
Jeff Menday
Ed Hutsell

Tips for Home & Personal Safety


What's Happening

Sept 8 Tuesday

Board of Trustees
at 8714 23rd Ave NW

Sept 12 Saturday

Manor-wide Garage Sale
9 am to 3 pm

Sept 16 Wednesday

All Homeowners meeting
7:00 pm
Crown Hill Center

October 5

City Council candidates forum
Hear from candidates who want to represent District 6
Forum will be at Sunset Hill Community Center
3003 NW 66th St



Emergency 911
Not emergency, 684-7711

Online crime reporting

for car prowls and other thefts under $500


Reporting junk on a property:

Online Reporting form for many other issues...

abandoned vehicles, 72-hour parking violation, graffiti, damaged sidewalks, potholes, trailers parked on the street: